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(cool, not-so-cool, all kinds of cats)

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GitHub for Cats!

Why call it "GitHub for Cats?"

GitHub's mascot is a cross between an Octopus and a Cat

OctocatJean-Luc Picard-styled OctocatIronman-styled Octocat

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So What is GitHub Anyway?

Version control hosting for projects

Featuring a robust set of collaborative tools.

GitHub is Changing the World

GitHub is the De Facto Standard

  • 5.5 million developers
  • 16.4 million hosted projects
  • Running a 99.96% uptime

Version Control

Keep old versions of files for archival or future use.

A brief, and incomplete history of version control.

We're in charge of updating the employee handbook...

In the Beginning..

Store my files in a folder on your computer (Repo)

Employee Handbook.doc

Early Version control

Employee Handbook.doc

Employee Handbook_01.doc

Employee Handbook_Final.doc

Employee Handbook_FINAL.doc

Employee Handbook_02-02-1998.doc

Employee Handbook_Final_01_FINAL.doc

There's Got to be a Better Way!


Version control = Central repo, 1 file name full history

+ incredible social and project management toolkit

Repository is on a Server

Your Project is hosted


Copy repo to your local machine


Make your changes locally

Push (Sync)

Apply your changes to central repo


Add new developers to the mix


Create their own copy of your repo


Make their changes locally


Push their changes to their forked copies


They request you pull their changes into your repo


Push their changes to your repo

GitHub is Global

Responsive Web Design (RWD) SWAT Team


  • 10 people, 3 weeks, full time
  • 1700 commits
  • 899 issues resolved

RWD Sprint Deliverables

Set up GitHub

  • Sign up for a GitHub account
  • Install GitHub for Windows
  • Create first repo

Create GitHub Account - Sign up link

Sign up page

Download GitHub for Windows - GitHub for Windows

Download page

Install GitHub for Windows

Install screen

First Run

First Run, enter username password

Create Your First Repo

drag-drop folder into project

GUI Home Screen

GitHub Repo List

Local Repo List


Push to GitHub

Commit List

Differences List (Diff)

1.| <h1>Hello, World!</h1>
1.| <h1>Hey There, World!</h1>

Push (Sync)

Can You Commit?



  • 8 people, 2 days, 1 week part time
  • 256 commits
  • 278 issues resolved

DMV Sprint Deliverables

  • Fully responsive Registration Renewal Application
  • RWD framework for future apps
  • Collaboration effort which NYS has never seen before

Remote Collaboration

Not just 8 people..

But 4 different Agencies 4 different buildings

..working as time alowed.


News Feed

User Page

User Page

User Page

User Page

User Page

Repo Page

Repo Page

Repo Page

Repo Page

Repo Page

Clone & Download

Watching & Starring Repos


It's a good thing!


Available Immediately

  • Use it on your projects
  • Modify it
  • Fix a bug
  • Send back changes to original repo

Teams Love GitHub!

Large Projects? No Problem

  • Multiple people can edit the same file simultaneously
  • Offline editing, commit when ready
  • Fast workflow of your choice
  • Long distance collaboration

Project Management Suite

  • Wiki
  • Issue tracker
  • Code review
  • Project dashboard

Issue Tracker

Track Bugs

Make Feature Requests

Ask Questions, Get Notifications

Assign to Users

Group in Milestones


Pull requests over Time

Status of Issues

Individual Contributions

Speaking of Contributions...

That's Just the Beginning!


Level Up With These Techniques

Great Resources

Start Today!

Thank You

Eric Steinborn

ITS Public Safety Cluster

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