The Design Studio Method - NY Innovates DevCon 2013 Ignite Talk

Thanks for attending my Ignite talk about Design Studio. 5 minutes is not a lot of time to explain it in much detail. So here is all of the research I did on the topic. Hopefully you will be able to use these resources to run your own design studio.

Heres a video of the presentation:

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Thanks again!

Here’s a link to my slides: The Design Studio Method - NY Innovates DevCon Ignite Talk, Eric Steinborn 2013



Audio Podcast: Adam Connor on Design Studio…

Video: Todd Zaki Warfel on Design Studio

Some great stuff about design studio here:…

A step by step process of Design Studio…

These are the original blog posts about Design Studio. only available through web archive.…?……?

Some nice thoughts on the whole process here:……

The tree swing from my presentation, in all of its iterations.

Written on December 17, 2013