jQuery ListNav Plugin

Create a world of alphabetical navigation filters one list at a time!

Demo 6

Specify a filterSelector and removing links with removeDisabled

    filterSelector: '.last-name',
    includeNums: false,
    removeDisabled: true,
    allText: 'Complete Cast of Star Trek TNG'

Below you'll find a list of the Star Trek TNG Cast "generated" by a CMS. While you wanted to filter by last name it generated the first name fields first...

using filterSelector you can specify a css selector for your navigation to filter by! You can also remove letters that have no content by setting removeDisabled: true

In this demo, each LI contains a hidden div with class="last-name"
So setting filterSelector: '.last-name' lets us filter the list using that CSS selector.

NOTE: filterSelector will accept any valid CSS selector.

You can also set allText to a string to override the default text of "All."